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An estimated 45 million Americans will attempt to lose weight this year through dieting. Still others will engage in a brand new fitness scheme like P90X, Insanity, or CrossFit.

Some people will find success and many will not. In fact, those that diet are more likely togain more weight from attempting to diet. This could be due to poor diet selection or a frustration over how difficult some diets can be to maintain.

Losing weight does not have to involve switching your diet radically, nor does it have to involve intense workout programs that will leave you flat on your back in pain.


Losing weight can be a much easier process than all of this hardship. Your body will appreciate a much slower-paced approach, trust me! I am the Fiber Guardian after all!

However, it takes time. New York City was definitely not built overnight, and neither was your body. Don’t expect to try just one of these methods and see results immediately.

Positively adapt your lifestyle slowly, over time, and you WILL see results.

30 Easy Weight Loss Methods

This post will give you a good look at several easy weight loss tactics.

These methods (and many more similar weight loss tactics!) will be featured in much more detail in my upcoming Ebook, so be sure to stay tuned for that over the next few months! In it, I will be chronicling the journey of the Fiber Guardian through the ups and downs and the highs and lows of my weight loss adventure. The Ebook will be a practical guide to weight loss, as well as a funny catalog of the failures I faced along the way.

I hope that once it is available you will decide to check it out!

301-minDrink more water

Staying hydrated is of the utmost importance to anyone trying to lose weight. It helps keep your mind focused on your goals, boosts your metabolism, and can even ease symptoms of IBS. I will be discussing theimportance of water in much more depth in my Ebook, so for more information you will definitely want to check that out!

302-minDrink wine at dinner or before bedtime

This is good news for fans of the daily glass of wine with dinner! Several studies have show that wine has been shown to be able to burn fat and lower blood pressure. Try it for yourself, and report back on your findings! It might not work for everyone, especially if you aren’t old enough to drink, but it might be worth a try!

303-minEat high fiber foods

Fiber is one way to eat healthier and lose weight. The great thing about focusing on fiber is that it leads you to eat more fruits and vegetables. In addition, fiber can be eaten at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For recipe, food, and meal ideas see my post on 75 high fiber foods for any meal.

304-minFind a food that you love that is also healthy for you

There are so many foods out there. If you checked out the link that I just shared, you might have been blown away by just how many high fiber foods are out there. There is bound to be a food that you like! I used to think that eating healthy meant eating nothing but nasty cold carrots and salads. Healthy eating is so much more than that, and once you start to find healthy foods that you like you will never look back!

305-minFocus on Fiber 

When you start to switch to eating more high fiber foods, the key is then to focus on fiber and be slowly up your daily intake until you reach theamount of fiber you need each day. Instead of focusing on complicated diets and removing specific foods from your diet, focus on fiber and replace standard foods with their high fiber counterparts. This means eating a sweet potato instead of a regular potato, subbing out fries for some broccoli, or drinking a smoothie instead of soft drink. Focusing on fiber is simple!

306-minDon’t be afraid to try new foods

Add something new to your diet at least every week. It can be exciting to try new foods and to be constantly experiencing new sights and smells! This is especially helpful in finding foods that you like. Even if you try a starfruit and its tastes gross, don’t give up! Just keep trying new foods and eventually you will develop a new found sense of the wonder of food in general.

307-minEat dinner at home

This doesn’t mean to eat takeout every night and eat it at your dinner table. This means making your dinner (gasp!) and eating it with your family. I always find that I eat more when I go out, and getting desert is almost always the way that I go.

For example check out this page that shows what 2000 calories looks like at many popular restaurants. Most of these meals are just one meal! And 2000 calories is over the recommended daily value for many people. Stay home and make your own food, and you will save calories and money!

308-minWait 5 minutes between servings

Waiting between plates is an excellent way to let your mind catch up to your body. It can take up to 20 minutes for your brain to feel full when your body is done eating. This is probably because our primitive bodies want as much food as possible to store and turn into fat for safekeeping. However, you can fight this by just waiting a mere 5 minutes before getting another helping or jumping right to dessert.

309-minEat something healthy for every meal

This is a very easy way to boost your weight loss goals. Even if you are eating a cheeseburger, pizza, or steak, you can make the meal healthier. Add in a stalk of broccoli to the steak, eat green beans instead of chips with the pizza, and have a nice salad with the cheeseburger. This will help you to start to enjoy more healthy foods, especially when they are paired with foods that you already love.

310-minReduce added sugar intake

Added sugars are definitely something to avoid. It is not healthy for us to have too much sugar in our diet, yet sugar is added into a lot of the foods that we eat. It takes careful preparation to avoid going over yourrecommended daily sugar intake as sugar is found just about everywhere. However, you can start by replacing soft drinks with plain water or fruit infused water. This will drastically reduce your overall sugar intake, just by making this one change.

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