How A Lifelong Corporate Suit Changed Direction Into Network Marketing And Became A lead Generating Machine

When I first decided on a career out of high school I like allot of you decided that corporate America was the place to be.  Let’s face you get insurance, paid vacation, bonus, raises, and 401k for retirement.  You start out thinking this will be the last place I ever work.

But that is not the case anymore is it?  When my father’s generation joined the work force they pretty much retired where they started.  In today’s society you would be lucky to do that but most of the time with company restructuring, job eliminations, or just plain layoffs its hard to stay at one company and also even harder once let go to find a job that will either pay you what you are used to making, pay you what your worth, or even though they say they don’t discriminate due to age.  They look at you and say in their minds your too old, If I hire them they may only stay a few years and then retire.

Mostly thought corporate America can find a lower cost alternative to keeping you.  Then if something happens what do you do?  What happens to your family?  What happens when the income stops coming in?

Can you relate to that?  Those were some of the questions I had to ask myself.  I see good talented people being let go all the time to the point it weakens the company.  There tends to be neither rime nor reason as to why a person is let go in today’s corporate America.

My personal believe is its due to how long you have been with the company, Your salary, Vacation, Insurance costs and I am sure many more reasons that I can’t even think of.  But the real reason in a nutshell is the “Bottom” line.

I have been fortunate to be able to hold on and close my eyes ever time this happens in my company.  But it’s like playing dodge ball.  How many times can you dodge that ball before it hits you?  When this happens to my work friends I always put myself in the persons shoes and feel the pain as if it has happened to me.  I have seen so many friends of mine be let go only to lose everything they owned.  Years and years of service and dedication to the company and its gone on a CEO’s whim.

The sad thing with the economy today is everyone is seeing reduction of job force no matter what career path your in and people today need to find alternate means of income.

I had to think and prepare to make sure that never happened to me and if it did that I was already involved with working on something else so it would lessen the blow.

While going through all the turmoil of being part of corporate America my wife who has Multiple Sclerosis battled her latest attack which left her no longer able to work.  So that left me being the entire source of income for my family.

So now we lost an income and more pressure on me of what do I do if I lost mine?  If you have a family member who has a disease that requires medicine the rest of their life and a specialty disease at that you know the cost for that medicine even with insurance can be astronomical.

So I had to figure out another way to provide additional income for my family and also prepare in case something happened to my position and I was let go.

I looked around a bit and realized that working at the local Wal-Mart, fast food chain, or grocery store would not provide me enough income to support my family.

I ended up looking into Network Marketing.  I saw allot of ads out there where they would say no experience necessary and you can make thousands and thousands of dollars a month.  You can be living on the beaches of the world.

So I thought what the heck let me give that a try.  I can say one thing and that is if it sounds too good to be true it usually is.  You have to work to earn a income in anything you do.  So you have to do your due diligence when choosing a business.  I will go more into that in a bit.

My first company I joined their motto was you need to be all in.  I ended up going all in and then I had no clue what to do.  Their training was basically on how they built their company which really being what is called a “newbie” had no effect on helping me earn an income.

Another key fact before I forget is that you have to put some of your own money into a business.  Being from corporate America I never really realized that.  But when you look at the cost of joining a business compared to buying into a franchise like McDonalds.  There is tremendous cost.  Just look it up in Google and you will find the following (Most McDonald’s owner/operators have entered the corporation by purchasing an existing restaurant. To open a McDonald’s franchise, however, requires a total investment of $1-$2.2 million, with liquid capital available of $750,000. The franchise fee is $45,000)

The great thing about joining a company in network marketing is the cost is very minimal compared to a franchise.

So being the hard working person I am I followed all their suggestions and worked hard and I failed miserably.  Yes I failed miserable.  Most people would have just packed up their bags and left town at that point but quitting is not something I do so I kept moving on and moving on because with each failure you learn and start to realize what you should not be doing.

As I moved on plugging away at my business I built relationships with other entrepreneurs in the network marketing space and by building those relationships would learn from each person on what they were doing right and what they were doing wrong.  Any income I made I would re-invest in myself by purchasing more training to continue to learn about this industry.

That is the one thing in this business that you must do and that is invest in yourself.  The more you invest in yourself the more successful you will become.

The one thing I learned early on and most people will learn is that without traffic you really don’t have a business.  You can have the greatest company or products in the world and if you don’t get eyes on it then your business just fails.

I became a student of how to generate leads.  I found ways to generate leads that are free and I also learned how to generate leads via paid marketing.

The great thing that started happening is the more leads I would generate the more sales I would get too.  I remember my first free lead I generated and it was like I hit the jackpot and then things skyrocketed from there and with the knowledge I have I can teach what is called duplication.

Duplication is what is done to create success.  Basically if it works for me it will work for you.  A few tips that I would suggest starting out for free leads is doing videos.  Go open yourself up a YouTube account and do a video.  Talk about relative things that interest you.

You can post video’s on your Facebook wall and your fan page, business page and tons of other social media outlets.

One of my mentors talks about learning and then teaching.  You could easily be taking a course and read a few chapters and create a video discussing what you learned.  Oh and another thing make sure you put what is called a call to action at the end.  Which is sending them to your company link, business page, or website.

Another tip.  The more value you provide without any expectations the more your business will grow.

There are so many more ways to generate leads that I have learned and love to share them.  I think that is what makes me different from allot of people.  Through my struggles and successes I have learned that most people want a hand up and not a hand out.  I love to help people succeed and provide the hand up.  There is nothing more satisfying then helping a person succeed and helping them get over a stumbling block with their business.

The great thing about being a entrepreneur now and being in your own business is that you work to make yourself rich and not making your boss or corporation rich.  You get out of this business what you put into it.

I found that this is truly an exciting time in our industry and I made the right decision to pursue it.

As I look back on my story I will put what I get asked the most when someone joins me or is looking to make a career change.  What would my number one advice be?

That advice if I was starting all over again would be finding a mentor/sponsor/company that has the training from the start to take you from newbie to income generating quickly.  This is done by duplication.  The other nugget I will throw out there is make sure the company you join provides you a great income return.  I would suggest companies that pay over 50% commission which isn’t bad but 100% commission is the best.

You will also want to be part of a company/team/group that supports you and is there to motivate you for success.

I fortunately am in a company and group now that does exactly what my advice suggests.  Amazing training, group members, duplication and 100% commission.

I am always open to helping other so feel free to reach out to me or you can learn about the company I belong to now by going here:

Well that pretty much is my story.  If I can leave you with one more bit of advice.  Never give up.  There is more to life then just corporate America or a 9 – 5.  When you open your eyes up to what is out there in this world then the possibilities are endless.

Wishing you success,

Vince Mazzie

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